Think Big. Start Small, With a Short-term Goal

How do you provide a solution that has loads of opportunities for growth? How do you build something that truly matters? Maybe you have defined your WHY and WHAT, and it is now time to take that next big step into the realm of HOW.

As you make plans to fulfill your lofty goals and aspirations, one mantra rings true: think big, start small, act fast. These six words spell the difference between success and failure. No, you do not need to have a complete idea of how the destination will look like. Successful people lay the blueprint for their desired outcome, and start building the foundation with the vision (blueprint).

Think Big

Which companies come to mind when mega-tech companies are discussed? You’d easily remember Google, Airbnb, Amazon, and Uber. But what is it about these companies that should interest you?

Amazon, for instance, is nothing more than just a warehouse-based store and Uber a taxi service. But by setting and aiming to achieve lofty goals, both companies have successfully harnessed the effort of their employees and gained a large army of partners and supporters in the long run.

The idea here is to aim for an audacious outcome – one that is bigger than your current reality. Thinking big means dreaming of a future where your vision comes to life; where your vision gives you goose bumps, but comes with all of the excitement that pushes you to take action. Your big vision will cause you to start building a strong foundation – one that will stand the test of time.

The bigger your dream, the more you can motivate yourself to put in the work.

Start Small

The most successful innovators do not start big after thinking big. Rather than diving headlong into a potentially big project, they break the idea into small bits to test it out. Rather than intuitively make decisions, or make certain financial decisions based on wishful thinking, they shelve the key decisions until there is real data.

Wanting to integrate everything at once will only take your focus off the ultimate vision and cause you to channel efforts into unnecessary details that do not deserve your attention. Starting big will rapidly eat up your time, energy, and resources. On the other hand, starting small will give you the energy, wisdom, and courage needed to take steps towards achieving your goals.

Take small steps that align with your ultimate vision; every small effort in the right direction will only build your motivation and momentum for your desired outcome.

Act Now with a Short-term Goal

If you are looking to build muscles in a healthy and realistic manner, you wouldn’t begin by lifting the heaviest weights at the gym; you’d start with light weights that help you develop these muscles over time.

To achieve your ultimate big goal, you must act now with short term goals. Create small, sustainable goals that support your vision. These goals may be really small that you are able to complete a number of them within minutes, but they go a long way feed your focus.

Final Thoughts

Momentum is crucial to achieving any big goal and aspiration. Do not fail to make your plan purposeful to yourself and others by thinking big, but you must be realistic and make your plan digestible.

Well thought out little steps matter; they yield outcomes that you can only be proud of.

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